About UK Student Services

UK Student Service Ltd is a Manchester-based business which provides a wide range of services to international students aiming to study in UK colleges and universities. UKSS has developed strong links with prospective students in her target countries of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Nigeria having recorded successful recruitment of students in a few UK universities. The company has operational bases in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Nigeria. UKSS aims to establish formal agency relationships with UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) so as to quicken the process of selection and enrolment for prospective students in our target countries. We have formed strong partnerships with reputable organisations and institutions in the UK so you don’t have to worry again. For further information please contact us.

Our Services

Over 5 years experience of attending to our client’s needs has provided us with knowledge and expertise in our respected field, which has helped us to grow and excel in service over the years. Our highly professional, but friendly advisors guarantee that our customers are offered professional service based on individual staff skills. This guarantees that both the client and staff are happy with the service we provide. more